As children of God and disciples of Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to sharing the Lord’s teachings and love in both word and deed in our congregation, in the local Hill Country community, and, as far as possible, in the world Jesus came to save.

We encourage and nurture our own spiritual growth through regular worship, Bible study, fellowship, and service, inviting others to grow in faith with us.  We have recognized our special calling as a chapel of welcome, homecoming, and rest to the many visitors and friends who are drawn to our doors.  Our goal in all things is to follow Christ’s example in submitting to God’s sovereign will by the grace of the Holy Spirit as we daily strive to live out our faith with one another in this church and in this community.


Burnet Presbyterian Church has a rich and interesting history.  Located at the corner of Highway 29 and South Pierce, BPC has the distinction of sharing a small city block with two other churches, a former jail, and a former library.

Under the direction of Rev. H.B. Rose, the church was organized August 12, 1874.  In 1883, the original white wooden church was built where the red brick church we use today stands.  In those days, people came to church on foot or by horse-drawn wagons or on horseback, and the horses were hitched to the live oak tree in the front yard of the church during worship.  The old live oak tree stands in the church yard still.

The first pastor was called in July 1887 and served until 1891.  From 1891 to 1941, the church was served by stated supply pastors or lay leaders rather than called pastors, perhaps an indication of the hard economic times.  Undoubtedly, God’s blessing was on the church as it continued to survive through World War I and the Great Depression.

In 1941, Dr. J.P. Kidd was called as pastor and served the church until 1951.  During World War II, the women of the church held weekly prayer services for 18 men from the congregation who were serving in the armed forces.  During that time the women sewed the service flag with 18 blue stars, which hangs in History Hall.  All 18 soldiers came home.

The original white frame church was replaced by the present red brick building with the tall steeple in 1957.  That steeple toppled during the tornado of 1973; the steeple was repaired and a new cross placed on top.  The cross from the top of the damaged steeple now resides in History Hall.  In 1976, BPC bought the old Burnet County Library building at public auction.  That building was renovated and renamed the Norris Building; it is connected to the church building via a hallway known as History Hall.

Throughout its history, BPC has been held together by faith and strong congregations.

Spanning years, the church has been served by ordained ministers, supply ministers, seminary students, lay ministers, and, at times, no minister at all.  Traditional church music plays an important role during worship services (please see this website’s Worship Page).  BPC remains committed to sharing the Lord’s teachings and love in both word and deed through traditional church services, Sunday School classes, Bible study, book discussions, and congregational dinners.

For 149 years the doors of Burnet Presbyterian Church have been open for worship and, God willing, we will serve this community for another 149 years.  This church will joyfully celebrate its 150th anniversary on August 11, 2024.